Culinary Arts

The culinary program prepares students to work in professional food service establishments.

Instruction includes food safety and sanitation, kitchen safety, culinary math, recipe and menu development, managing food supplies and resources, plate presentation, and learning a wide variety of culinary techniques.

Through our partnership with the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) students are able to differentiate among various career paths and opportunities in the culinary field by participating in classroom projects, attending job shadows, securing paid internships, and competing in the cooking for scholarships competition. 

11th Grade Course: Basic Culinary

This course provides an overview of what it means to be a culinary professional.

Students will gain an understanding of the history of the modern kitchen. They will acquire basic knife skills; identify basic equipment; understand the importance of food safety and sanitation all while learning Basic Garde Manger and the basics of cooking and baking.

12th Grade Course: Advanced Culinary

In this course, students will explore international cuisines; derive sauces; and create specialty/regional soups. They will also acquire advance knife skills; understand the fabrication and identification of meats, poultry, and fish all while learning advanced cooking and pastry making techniques as well as Advanced Garde Manger.

Students who are interested in competing for CCAP culinary scholarships will receive additional training and support.

Scope and Sequence
  • 11th
    • Fall Semester - Culinary I
    • Spring Semester - Culinary II
  • 12th
    • Fall Semester - Culinary III
    • Spring Semester - Culinary IV

Corresponding Learning Experiences
  • CCAP Competition
  • School Event Catering