Through our partnership with the National Academy Foundation, the Hospitality Small Learning Community (SLC) students are provided with a high-quality education that equips them to attend college where they can obtain a degree in the Hospitality field of study where there are substantial jobs. An emphasis on succeeding at real-world tasks is achieved through hands-on activities, field trips to see firsthand operations, project-based learning, and a required summer internship. Listed below are the courses that we are offering: 

11th Grade Courses:

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

This course provides an overview of the current hospitality and tourism industry. Students learn about the four main sectors: Lodging, Food and Beverage, Transportation, and Recreation and Entertainment.

Sports, Entertainment, and Event Planning

In this course students learn about the process of professional event planning. Students are introduced to all the components common to all events, including the creation and execution of an event. Students decide the theme, plan and develop a menu, perform accounting functions and create job descriptions: 

12th Grade Courses:

Sustainable Tourism

This course introduces students to changes taking place worldwide in the tourism industry. Students examine the environmental and socioeconomic impacts for a greener tourism economy. They visit hotels to study their role as a green hotel and suggest ways to improve their environment.

Hospitality Marketing

This course introduces students to the objectives, strategies, and tools that are important to marketing in any business. Students learn about each phase of marketing and the wide range of options that all marketing managers and business owners consider as they create, or revise marketing plans. 

Career Exploration:

Job Shadowing: Students participate in various job shadows in hotels, restaurants, and catering establishments.

Events: Students assist in planning and executing various events throughout the school year (such as Advisory Board Meetings, Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon, and National Honor Society Induction Ceremony).

Job Readiness/Mock Interview: Students attend workshops to practice their skills in writing their resume and meet with professionals to be interviewed.

Internships: Students interview for various paid positions in the hospitality field (such as culinary, accounting, marketing, event planning, and front of the house positions). 

Scope and Sequence
  • 11th
    • Fall Semester - Intro to Hospitality
    • Spring Semester - Events Management
  • 12th
    • Fall Semester - Hospitality Marketing
    • Spring Semester - Sustainable Tourism