Scope and Sequence
  • 9th Grade
    •  Algebra IA - Students will develop fluency in writing, interpreting, and translating between various forms of linear equations and inequalities, and use them to solve problems. 
    • Algebra IB - 
  • 10th Grade
    • Geometry - During high school, students begin to formalize their geometry experiences from elementary and middle school, using more precise definitions and developing careful proofs. Students will explore more complex geometric situations and deepen their explanations of geometric relationships, moving towards formal mathematical arguments.
  • 11th Grade
    • Algebra II/Trig - Students will strengthen their algebra skills and study trigonometry.  This course is college preparatory and will build upon the algebra foundation learned in Algebra IA and IB covering many of the same topics.
  • 12th Grade
    • Pre-Calculus - Students will continue their skills learned in Algebra II/Trig as they prepare for college level math topics.
Corresponding Learning Experiences
  • 10th Grade - MoMath Museum 
  • 11th Grade - SAT Prep
  • 12th Grade - SAT Prep, College Math Placement Prep